Turning Ideas into Reality

My high school was created with an outdoor bowl area, where student were intended to eat lunch and school assemblies could be held. This is the current state of the bowl.

IMG_2907It’s fine. I guess. Except that there aren’t enough seats for the student body, the stage is too small for dance, band, theater, or anyone really, to use, there is not quality lighting system, speakers need to be brought in every time it is used (making the stage even smaller), the benches are wooden and breaking, and there’s no shade or cover, making the entire area useless in the rain.

Which is why, when my English teacher assigned us to innovate something, I teamed up with two friends to create a design to turn the current bowl into an outdoor auditorium. This auditorium would benefit dance, cheer, theater, orchestra, band, ASB’s assemblies, and even day to day for lunch. The idea was to wipe out the stage, making it almost twice as big (about the size of a basketball court), raise the seating so everybody would be able to see what is happening on stage, cover the stage with a dome, create permanent lighting and sound systems, create a green room in the back, and finally tent the entire area. The tent would be waterproof, so that the area could still be used during the winter during the rainy season.

However, an idea doesn’t go anywhere without action. So, me and my partners set out to begin at the most basic of steps, which was, to measure the bowl. We were outside for a few hours, taking measurements, drawing diagrams, all to have a solid idea of how much space we had to work with. We then began to brainstorm what we wanted to do with such a large area. Would we leave the inclination stable? Or would we raise it more? With many questions, and seeking guidance, we talked to the band director at our school. We filmed an interview with him, where he had many complaints with the current bowl and many ideas on how to improve it. Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 6.01.17 PMOur band director had a connection with a Disneyland Imagineer, and was able to get a rendering of an idea of the layout of the auditorium we were considering.

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 5.51.37 PM

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 5.52.41 PMSeeing that our idea might be feasible, we began interviewing students from different departments of the school that would be affected with such a stage, to see the different benefits of creating the auditorium. We filmed their responses so we could put together a video of our entire project once we were finished.

We are currently not completed with this project, as we see things in our design right now that we would like to change. However, it is very exciting to see that our work is heading somewhere.


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