Are you prepared?


We’ve all experienced that terrible moment when you know you studied as hard as you could for a test and you watch the teacher grade it, red ink smearing across your paper. You instantly begin to think about everything you could have done differently. And then you realize, you couldn’t have done anything differently. You did everything you could. And you still failed.

So why blame yourself? Nothing you could have done would have prepared you for what lied ahead. The content of the test was out of your control. It was the future. It was unpredictable.

The future in unpredictable. We all know this. We know that we can’t control everything that happens to us. Sometimes things go according to plan, sometimes things don’t. Sometimes you prepare correctly for something, sometimes your preparation makes it worse. But the truth of the matter? We just don’t know.

We have no control. We’re human though. And as such, we crave control. So how do we take control of something that is uncontrollable?

Well, we can’t. But what we can do is control what happens in the present. Right now. We can prepare. Prepare and prepare.

Prepare for what, essentially, we don’t know. But hey, at least we can control something. Once you’ve prepared all you can, what else can we ask for? Shakespeare’s Hamlet spoke these words: “The readiness is all,” which is exactly what I’m trying to convey. Just be ready. Be ready for what you think might happen, and then be ready when things change unexpectedly. The future is out of your control. But what happens now is very much in your control. So take it. And go study for that test.


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