College Board: The Iago to Millions of Students


As my peers and I scramble to meet college application deadlines, we wonder exactly what role College Board plays in the application process. We know there is no way to be admitted into a respectable university without College Board getting in the way and taking all of our money.

I am a horrible test taker. I over think, I second guess myself, and I make problems much more complicated than they need to be. I stress out, I shake, and I forget everything I studied for the past few weeks. College Board feeds off people like me. People like me who freak out the first time they take the SAT, who later have to retake it because their nerves stopped them from performing to their highest abilities.

College Board, much like Iago in Shakespeare’s Othello, is motivated by its own greed and desire to fulfill its own duty, regardless of the toll it takes on other people. Iago is the master of manipulation. He successfully gets his friends drunk so he has complete and total control over them. College Board has made high school students and their families completely powerless, with no chance to defy the system. If a student wants to gain admittance into a university, there is no way to avoid College Board in the process.

Although College Board’s tests have been proven to not contain predictive validity, they are still administered far too regularly. I am a hard working, successful student. College Board would disagree. And yet we listen more to a test that is given on one day of our lives, instead of our grades which we have been working on since 1st grade.

College Board has managed to pull the strings in its direction, leaving high school students completely hopeless with not alternative but to succumb to the dictatorial rule.


One thought on “College Board: The Iago to Millions of Students

  1. I wholeheartedly agree! Personally, I have a huge grudge against College Board, and I’m sure there are thousands of other high school students who feel the same. When you think about how much money they make off of millions of students, especially AP students, in four years of high school, even I have to admit it’s pretty impressive. It really makes you wonder what life would be like without College Board…
    They tell us we’re “not test scores,” but they’re the ones enforcing that idea! No one can actually show how much they have learned in all their lives through a few tests. I get WHY people might think such tests are effective evaluations of the knowledge we’ve obtained, but they just…aren’t. Maybe if we had educations like people in Finland we’d be a lot happier and willing to learn, haha.
    (I forgot to mention that their customer service is the worst I have ever encountered, as I have been lucky enough to discover through a terrible testing experience)
    Sorry for the long comment, I get pretty worked up when it comes to College Board.

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