Innovation: The search for self-worth

As every student in my class searches for an innovation idea, I begin to wonder why we’re racking our brains for a morsel of creativity. Sure, for some of these students, they’re only playing along for the grade and will quit as soon as this goal is reached. Others see this “innovation project” as an opportunity to schedule sleep into their lives. For students like myself, this is their chance to show their purpose; to create something for the world.

This being said, by no means do I have a good idea for my innovation project. Every inspirational video I stumble across, I think to myself, “why couldn’t I think of that?” I believe that is what we are all asking ourselves.

However, the even more unfortunate statement far too many of us say is “I had that idea three years ago! If only I had done something about it.” All of the best ideas result from something that sounds utterly ridiculous. If nobody laughs at your innovation project, you’re doing something wrong.

As I appear to stray further and further from my point, just bear in mind that  taking innovative risks will always contribute to your feeling of self-worth. It feels good to know you have created something that will benefit other people, not matter how large of a project it becomes. When thinking of new projects, try to think of people besides yourself. After all is said and done, if you innovate a system for napping, you will only have less time to think of more ideas because you’ll be sleeping.

Think about other people. You’ll be happier with yourself.



One thought on “Innovation: The search for self-worth

  1. I’d also like to point out that innovation or at least trying to innovate and implement gets easier each time. So perhaps this year won’t be a complete success, but the next time will be better.

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